Sunit iVia Telematic Server

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Sunit-iVia is a powerful In-Vehicle Telematic Server for ITS-solutions within Fleets. It is purpose-designed for applications of Vehicle-Economy, Vehicle Equipment control, Data Communication, and Fleet Management. Sunit-iVia Telematic Server is an excellent solution for Corporate Information management between the Fleet and back-office.

3rd Generation Smart-Tech CPU-Server
 - Strong High Pressed impact protective Aluminum Body
 - Open Platform for In-Vehicle Applications
 - Freescale i.MX355 @ 532MHz, ARM11
 - Vehicle Interface with 2x CAN-Bus, Analog & Digital-I/O’s, VSS-Interface, Vehicle Reverse sensor
 - GPS + Dead Reckoning (VSS-sensor connect)
 - 3.9 G HSPA + Wireless Data 21Mbps DL
 - 3-Axis Accelerometer sensor
 - Sunit-TLink Vehicle-interface Application
 Download PDF for more specs.